Irish blessing necklace-Ogham
Double Blessing pendant on white background
Double Blessing pendant explained
Double Blessing pendant on a stone
Double Blessing pendant in a box
Ogham box

Blessing (double pendant) Gold [9 carat ] and Silver

Ogham Treasure

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Blessing/Beannacht: “Mo bheannacht oraibh”/”My blessings upon you”.

‘Beannacht’ is the gaelic word for ‘blessing’ and is sculpted this stunning sterling silver and gold  in ancient Ogham, the secret writing of the Celts. Our “Beannacht”pendant makes the perfect gift to symbolise the passing of your blessings on to someone who truly deserves it.

Beannacht, the ancient Irish meaning of Blessing. Beannacht represents a spiritual wish of good blessings onto another . To this day, it is still used in everyday language and in particular to Irish baptisms, communions, confirmations, weddings and engagements.

 One  Silver , one in 9 carat gold

Wear this as reminder that blessings come in all forms.

Approx.4.6 cms long

 adjustable 16/18" sterling silver chain included.

Made to order ,ships in 7 working days.

information card included.

Designed and handcrafted in Ireland.