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Irish Made Nut Cracker

Beautiful hand-crafted nut cracker, the perfect Irish gift for food lovers

Is your penchant for nutty snacks hindered by the hassle of shelling? Indulge in a delicious feast of pecan nuts and walnuts with ease with our Irish made Nut Cracker. A clever and compact design allows you to neatly store this beautifully hand-crafted mallet and board without taking-up space in your modern kitchen.

The stunning warm tones of the natural wood grain doubles as a classic decorative feature on worktops and shelves. The clean lines of the design feature a subtle notch to secure the nut as you hammer away its shell. A versatile, Irish made utensil, the nut cracker can be used to prepare shellfish for tasty seafood chowders and pasta dishes!

 The Nut Cracker set also makes for a perfect Irish gift for the foodie in your life.

 Wood :  Beech  by Coolree Designs

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