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Bog cotton &Dragonfly

Bog cotton &Dragonfly

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 These beautiful cards are Earth friendly cards are produced by irish artist Mary Flemming .

This is from a library of watercolour illustrations by Mary of wildlife for the purposes of promoting and protecting the local environment. This collection is a series concentrating on the varied species found in the raised bogs of the Irish midlands.


Ceannbhan caolduilleach • Eriophorum angustifolium

Bog cotton is a native plant found on very damp peaty ground. Its leaves mostly arise from the base of the plant, often being tinged with red or brown. It has tiny insignificant little brown flowers in April and May but it is really when it is in fruit that this becomes a most eye-catching and attractive plant. At the top of the 30-50cm cylindrical stem, there are fluffy, downy, white tufts which quiver and shake in the wind and hold the small seeds-a most effective dispersal method.

Common Hawker Dragonfly

Seachai an phortaigh • Aeshna juncea

The common hawker is a large hawker dragonfly which is on the wing from June to October. It's found particularly in peatland pools and lakes as well as garden ponds.

Hawkers are the largest and fastest flying dragonflies -they catch their insect-prey midair and can hover or fly backwards. Mostly black in colour, the male has pale blue spots and yellow flecks all along the body, dark blue eyes and pale yellow and blue patches on the thorax. The female has yellowish spots and brownish eyes.



Envelopes & Card: 100% recycled.

Clear Bag: 100% biodegradable.

Made from corn starch (annually renewable).

Printed in Ireland 

Artist :Mary Flemming 

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