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Ogham Treasure

Hope necklace /Dochas

Hope necklace /Dochas

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Hope/Dochas: “Is tu mo dhocas”/”My hopes are set upon you”.

Dochas ,the gaelic word for Hope is sculpted in silver  in ancient ogham writing “Dochas” is the gaelic word of ‘hope’ and is sculpted in this stunning sterling silver in ancient Ogham, the secret writing of the Celts. Our ‘Dochas’ pendant is a unique symbol of hope and makes for a perfect gift to wish someone positivity and the hope of achieving their utmost desires.

Dochas, the ancient Irish meaning of Hope. Dochas symbolises trust and ambition and was widely used in the old Irish age as a word of encouragement and determination in times of need.


Adjustable 16/18"sterling silver chain.

Designed and made in Ireland

Pendant lenght approx.2.2"

Gift box with info card on ogham writing .

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