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T- shirt

T- shirt

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This design is inspired by the Irish proverb,
'Fásann níos mó i ngarraí, ná a chuirteár ann'
(More grows in the garden than is sown there)

This can have a literal message, but also can be interpreted to mean that you can’t control everything in life or in the natural world.
Each tree is unique, and so are the ecosystems they help to create. People have used trees for many things including as a source of food, shelter, medicine, and for practical tools. Being so critical to life, it is no wonder that magical properties and spiritual significance was placed upon them. Similar to the Tree of Life ‘Yggdrasil’ in Norse Myth, in Celtic myth the 'bile' (sounds like ‘bih-leh’) or sacred trees were seen as gateways into the other world.
The importance of trees to our ancestors is also evident with the Ogham alphabet, which has many letters named after trees. The Brehon Laws indeed also had rules that protected trees, with 5 sacred trees mentioned by name in the ancient manuscripts (Eó Mugna, Bile Tortan, Eó Ruis, Craeb Daithí, and Craeb Uisnig)

We have screen-printed our design in our studio in Co. Waterford using water-based inks, onto a beautifully soft 100% organic cotton Earth-Positive t-shirt. These are heat cured but wash at 30 degrees for a longer life.

These t-shirts are ethically made, manufactured solely using sustainable energy generated from wind and solar power.

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