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Paris café

Paris café

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 Paris Cafe by Mark Duffy 


Unframed mounted photographic print - open edition  

a4 size 

Ideal for wedding , engagement or anniversary gift .

Image copyright Mark Duffy Photo 


Mark Duffy is an Irish artist who grew up in Athlone  , based in the Uk .Duffy’s artistic practice explores issues of politics, power, national identity and media in the public sphere. His recent ongoing work documents the aftermath of the UK’s fractious Brexit referendum, framing these themes with absurdity and satirical humour. Duffy formerly worked as photographer for the Houses of Parliament (2015-2019) during which his photojournalism characterised many memorable front pages. 

Selected Exhibitions:

  • 2023 June. Fotofestiwal. Łódź, Poland.

  • 2023 June. Copenhagen Photo Festival. Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • 2022 November. ‘On The Verge’, CAMERA. Turin, Italy.

  • 2022 November. ‘Small is Beautiful’, Flowers Gallery. Cork st. London, UK.

  • 2022 September. ‘The Social Gaze’, Photo Museum Ireland. Dublin, Ireland.

  • 2022 September. ‘POWER power’ Middlesbrough Art Weekender.

    The Auxiliary, Middlesbrough, UK.

  • 2022 July. New Irish Works. The Print Works. Dublin, Ireland.

  • 2021 December. Galleries With[out] Walls. Gallery of Photography. Dublin, Ireland.

  • 2021 October. ‘FUTURES’. The Library Project. Dublin, Ireland.

  • 2020 October. Royal Hibernian Academy (RHA) annual show. Dublin, Ireland.

  • 2019 October-November. ‘In the Wake of Brexit’. Site specific installation. London, UK.

  • 2019 March- April. ‘BREXIT IT YOUR FAULT’. Format photography festival. Derby, UK.

  • 2018 May. 'Brexit is Your Fault: Pre-Brexit Portrait Studio' [performance/installation]. Peckham 24. London, UK.

  • 2018 April- June. In, Around & Aftereffects. Roscommon Arts Centre, Ireland.

  • 2017 May. 'It's Gonna be Great' [co-curation]. Copeland Gallery, Peckham 24. London, UK.

  • 2016 September. 'Images of Power' [artworks & co-curation]. Seen Fifteen Gallery, London, UK.

  • 2016 September. Seoul Lunar Photo Fest. Seoul, South Korea.

  • 2016 July. ‘Ideals’, PhotoIreland. Dublin, Ireland.

  • 2016 March. Festival Circulation(s). Paris, France.

  • 2016 February. Nuit de la Photo. La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

  • 2015 September- 2016 August. Kaunas Photo festival. Kaunas, Lithuania.

  • 2015 July- September. Alt +1000 Festival. Rossiniere, Switzerland.

  • Selected Achievements:

    • Artists’ books in the libraries of Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, USA), Tate Modern (London, UK), The Victoria and Albert Museum (London, UK).

    • 2020 Featured artist; ‘Cool + Noteworthy’, British Journal of Photography.

    • 2018 Invited exhibitor at Tate Lates. Tate Modern. London UK.

    • 2016 Shortlisted for the PhotoEspana Photoook of the Year. Madrid, Spain.

    • 2016 Winner of the Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward Award.

    • 2015 Winner of the Vienna Photobook award.

    • 2015 Shortlisted for the Luma Dummy Book Award Arles.



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